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Dee Justesen - CEO and Publisher
Dee Justesen
Publisher, CEO

Sammie Justesen - Marketing Director
Sammie Justesen
Publisher, Vice President

Nadene Carter - Vice President
Nadene Carter
Prepress Director


Welcome to NorLightsPress!  

We’re an independent publisher with over 60 books in print. Since opening our doors in 2008, we’ve progressed from publishing two books a year to over ten books a year.  

Our eclectic list includes novels, essays, business books, memoir, health and fitness titles, college books, and books on spirituality, nature, and new agriculture.  We love the idea of changing the world one book at a time.  

As the publishing industry reinvents itself in this new century, our goal is to create books that entertain, educate, and enhance the lives of our readers.  Within these pages we hope you’ll find books you want to read and share with friends and family.

Please come back to visit often.

What to expect from NorLightsPress 

We now have over 60 books in print, and our goal is to publish books that make a difference in the world.  We started in 2002 as a literary agency (Northern Lights Literary Services), but discovered the authors we represented were increasingly unhappy with their publishers. Plus, their books didn't sell as well as we expected. The main issues with corporate publishers were, and still are—  

• poor marketing support, even from the largest publishers

• large sums of money held back for returns

• waiting one to two years for a book to appear, and by then it may be outdated

• books are quickly backlisted and never heard from again

• confusing royalty statements that leave authors wondering what really sold    

For these reasons, in 2008 we established our own publishing firm, NorLightsPress. Many of our literary agency clients found a happy home with us and still enjoy the close relationships, support, and quick turn-around we provide.

For our authors we don’t try to offer everything you’d get from a brand name like Random House or Simon and Schuster, because we don’t have their huge budgets for market reach and media access. But we do offer many benefits.  

The initial process 

·    1 - Your book will be published by a legitimate publisher. You won’t have to self-publish.
2 - We offer a fair contract without a constrictive option clause that binds you to us forever.

3 - We pay excellent royalties (15% net) on all books sold by us. 

4 - We do not offer advances, but that means royalties begin to accrue right away. Our eBook royalties of are much higher than average.

5 - We created the easiest to understand and most detailed royalty statement in the business

6 - We do not withhold part of your royalties in advance to pay for returned books

7 - You don’t pay for anything!  

Book production

·     • Your book will receive professional editing from one of the best editors in the business.

·     • Authors work closely with the editor and have a voice in the book design process. 

·     • Your book cover will be created by a professional graphic designer. This is a huge plus, because many small publishers don't produce good book covers.  

• View our website to see the quality of our work.

·     • We can have your book on the market within 60-90 days, as opposed to a year or longer for the large publishers.

·     • You receive 10 free copies of your book, plus a discount of 40% on books you purchase for marketing and personal sales.

·     • We create and distribute your title as an eBook in all major formats.  

Book sales  

·     1 - We provide online availability of your book on Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and most worldwide booksellers within one to two weeks of publication.

·     2 - Bookstores may order your book from our distributor Ingram Books.  Barnes and Noble accepts 95% of our books for sale in their stores—if managers choose to order. 

·     3 - Readers may also purchase books from our web site.

·     4 - As of summer, 2014, we will have our own eBook sales page for interactive eBooks that can be purchased, rented, or given away as promotions.


·     • We send review copies at no charge to you and provide a professionally designed media kit. 

• You find the reviewers and we’ll send them a professional package.

·    • Our six Twitter drip feed accounts will post Tweets about your book on a rotating schedule.  

·     • We encourage our authors to hire publicists. We enjoy working with marketing professionals.

·     • Free online marketing assistance through an Internet "splash page" for your book, with ongoing search engine optimization to make it easier for buyers to find and purchase your book. For an example, view http://www.thecolorofthewild.info/

·     • Your book will stay in print for a long time, not relegated to a backlist or dropped after six months, as with large publishers who have to constantly push new products.

·     • We expect our authors to work hard and obtain 5-star reviews online.

 A word from three NorLightsPress authors

The publishing process can be overwhelming, and I am so thankful I was with NorLightsPress for my first book. They were there for me every step of the way, answering my questions and guiding me along the right path toward a successful book. They have tremendous experience and are willing to go above and beyond to market your book with you - much more than many large publishers. Like almost every publisher today, the bulk of the marketing is the responsibility of the author, however I was so thankful for the many ways Sammie and Dee were willing to work with my ideas and make them happen. While you can be quickly forgotten with a large publisher, NorLightsPress and the publishers are accessible. Sammie and Dee feel like friends, and they have been so helpful whenever I have a question. I'm beyond thankful that my literary agent led me to NorLightsPress, and because of them my book is not only a reality, but a success.
Isa Adney - ammunity College Success
My first book was published by one of the biggest in the business. My second by NorLights Press.  My third will also be with NorLights.  Sammie, Dee, and Nadene worked quickly, professionally, and considerately to turn my manuscript into a book.  They kept me informed and involved in every step of the process. And, as we collaborated, I felt as if I were working with long-time friends instead of anonymous business associates.  Upon publication of my book, they also proved invaluable help for marketing.  They provided guidance I never received from the major publisher. And they quickly responded to any request I made for advice and/or assistance. NorLightsPress gives small publishers a great name.  
--Robert Montgomery
, senior writer for B.A.S.S. Publications and author of Why We Fish: Reel Wisdom From Reel Fishermen.

For anyone looking to publish in this ever-changing publishing industry, I strongly suggest taking a look at a smaller publisher. Join a family like NorLightsPress. Be loved.
--Victoria Allman, author of SEAfare and  SEAsoned   

Visit our blog, The Wonderful World of Books:  http://norlightspressblog.wordpress.com/

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