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NorLights Press is a great place for authors, new or established, because of their dedication to helping artists and writers bring their work to the world.

They're not cynical or calculating, they're not chasing industry trends in the hope of making a quick buck. They look for talent and passion, and when they find it, they're eager to be involved.

Our book was a nonfiction horror filmmaking book, a genre they hadn't worked with previously; but they felt it had potential, and they pursued its publication with equal parts zeal and professionalism.

The process of putting out a book is never easy; but Sammie, Dee, and everyone at NorLights made it as pleasant and rewarding an experience as possible.
-Christopher and Kathleen Vander Kaay  www.theanatomyoffear.com



Going Gluten Free


Jump Start This Church!



The Anatomy Of Fear



Grace Revealed



As we begin our eighth year of publishing, NorLightsPress.com is
proud to offer an exciting collection of books to inspire, entertain, and inform.

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College Success:

Jarom J. Schmidt, MHSA

Grace Revealed
a memoir
Grace Archer


Going Gluten Free
A Guide To Healthy
Living, Dining, and Cooking

Yvonne M. Vissing, Ph.D.
Christopher Moore-Vissing, BA



Jump Start This Church!
How to Go from Declining Church
to Dynamic Church

Reverend Jane A. Willan, M.S., M.Div.
and Peter Dennis, author of
The Golden 120 Seconds of Every Sales Call

The Anatomy Of Fear
Conversations With Cult Horror
and Science-Fiction Filmmakers

Christopher Vander Kaay
Kathleen Fernandez - Vande Kaay

Community College Strategy
The Innovative Leaders Handbook
Clyne G. H. Namuo, Ph.D.



Branding Basics
for Small Business (2nd Edition)
Maria Ross



College Success

Isa Adney





Secrets to Thriving
Roxanne Brown
Barbara Mastej




The Secret Memoirs of
General James Wilkinson
Keith Thompson


The Color Of The Wild
An Intimate Look At Life
In An Untamed Land
Gin Getz


The Last Of The Living BLUE
A year of living and dying among the trees
Gin Getz

Trailer Boat Sailing
Start living the dream with
this comprehensive guide
to an exciting lifestyle
Rich Johnson


Fish, Frogs, and Fireflies
Growing up with Nature
Robert U. Montgomery



for Writers

Sammie Justesen



Shut Up,
Skinny Bitches
Maria Rago Phd
Greg Archer


A Chef's Journey
With Her Captain
Victoria Allman

Eat Right When Time Is Tight by Patricia Bannan MS, RD 

Eat Right
When Time Is Tight
Patricia Bannan MS, RD


Streetwise Spirituality
Carol Marleigh Kline


Slow Parenting Teens
How to create a Positive,
Respectful, and Fun
Relationship with your Teenager
Molly Wingate, M.A. & Marti Woodward, M.S.


Say NO To Aging
How Nitric Oxide Prolongs Life
T. Barry Levine, MD
Arlene Bradley Levine, MD


intuition, cancer and miracles
A passage of
hope and healing

Sara Wiseman


Wake-Up Call
How I changed my Life and Business
and You Can Too
Harvey A. Bookstein, CPA

Say This, NOT That
to Your Professor

A passage of 36 Talking Tips
for College Success
Ellen Bremmen, M.A.

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